We have integrated sustainability
in our core value and mission since our establishment.

Our ESG pillars

For us Sustainability is more than a simple statement, it’s our way to do business.

We have incorporated an holistic approach to these thematic since the beginning.

Our Commitment is explained in the ESG pyramid, a visual-graphic way to summarize our sustainability Pillars.



For us Sustainability is first of all a matter of responsibility towards all our stakeholders. We think that without a responsible and trustful governance it’s impossible to reach a long lasting value creation. It’s a matter of reputation.



People are central for our success. We are committed towards our employees as the intellectual capital is one of the key driver for our value creation. We constantly promote a safe working environment that fosters the well-being of all our employees. We also promote ongoing training for our staff in order to support continuous growth.



Sustainable business not only preserves capital during years but also helps to prevent climate change. Environmental issues are critical for us as they might lead to more frequent and disruptive risks and subsequent investments losses. Climate change mitigation will enhance our business in the long period journey.

SFDR Disclosures

Pursuant EU Regulations 2019/2088 and 2020/852,
please find the following disclosures:

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